Extensive Reading World Congress 6

Extensive Reading World Congress 6 7-11 August 2023

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to the ERF World Congress 6 Proposal Submission Site

This website is where attendees will submit their presentations to the conference and where international attendees will register and pay when registration opens on Nov 1st. The Call for Papers will be open until February 15th 2023 with announcements of acceptance to present sent out on March 31st 2023. People needing an early acceptance can request this at the time of submission. 

The main website with information about the conference itself such as important dates, scholarships and so forth is here (https://erfoundation.org/erwc6/).

If you have never used this website before, you must go through THREE steps. If you have already registered with edzila for another conference such as ERAW2021 or ERAW 2022, then go straight to Step 2.

STEP 1: Users new to this website must register with this site first: Click 'Start Here' and then add your information. Create a username for yourself. Click Sign up. If you have a gmail account you can use that to register with the site (Click the colorful G for google).

STEP 2: Come back to this page and Login. Join the ERWC6 conference area inside this site. (There may be other conferences on Edzil.la at the same time.) You will see a message asking you to join ERWC6

STEP 3: After you are logged into the ERWC6 area, then click "Make a submission". Click "Present at ERWC6". Read the instructions and then click "Go to submission form" at the top. Enter your information and click "Submit".

We will add registration and payment information later.

If you have problems you can contact programs@erfoundation.org

Plenary Speakers

  • Doreen Ewert

    Doreen Ewert

  • Francisca Maria Ivone

    Francisca Maria Ivone

  • Michael Lacey Freeman

    Michael Lacey Freeman

Featured Speaker

  • Willy A Renandya

    Willy A Renandya